GAH Mentorship Program


The leadership of the Ghana Association of Houston (GAH) recognizes the significant human resource pool in the Ghanaian community in Houston. This pool, the leadership believes, is integral to the career development and growth of many young people in our community.

There are documented efforts of pharmacists, teachers, nurses, athletes, architects, doctors, pastors, social workers, bankers, engineers, and many other important people in professions that can positively impact the activities and lives of many Ghanaian youth in the Houston community.

This summer, the GAH will be hosting a mentoring event at which we will officially roll out a mentoring program for our community. We will count on the generosity of all professionals to volunteer their time and expertise in initiating and sustaining this program.

The goal is to pair up more experienced or more knowledgeable persons with less experienced or less knowledgeable persons (in any field) to foster knowledge building and career growth. We have already began a series of mentoring programs, one of which is centered on college admissions and completion processes. This particular event, a partnership between the GAH and the GUM, is tentatively titled: “Words of Wisdom: Preparing our Youth for College.”

We need your help: we need potential mentors in all fields. If you can volunteer some of your time and expertise, please send your name and phone number to by May 30, 2019, and one of the GAH executives will be in touch with you. Of course, you can also reach out to any of the GAH executives.

Thank you for helping to mentor our youth!


Dr. Agboka
President, GAH