Dear Community,

Recent events have illuminated the deep-rooted racism, injustice, and group-based stereotypes and biases that have engulfed America’s political and social consciousness. Today, many families across America’s cities are grappling with the pain and emotions of losing loved ones, primarily because of their skin color. Certainly, the brutal murder of fellow Houstonian, George Floyd, is the latest chapter of attack on human rights and injustice towards minorities in America.

To be clear, the Ghana Association of Houston (GAH) condemns the brutality suffered by George Floyd, which led to his tragic death. The unfortunate circumstances under which Mr. Floyd, Mr. Arbery, Ms. Breonna Taylor, and countless other men, women, and children have been murdered are a constant reminder of the challenges which our own community members face in an American society which is increasingly gaining notoriety for its racial and violent posture.

The GAH firmly stands with families of all victims of racial violence and certainly all Americans with an anti-racist mindset and agenda. We understand the pain and anger of the many peaceful protesters across the cities of America. These peaceful protests are important in advancing a just future for all of us. At the very least, they are crucial in starting an important dialogue about the future of racial relations in America and also enabling a safe space for the development of the human talent.

The GAH calls on the necessary stakeholders to enact policies that will end all forms of violence and, most importantly, racially-inspired brutalities in our communities. We call for a society of social justice and respect for all of humanity. America must confront the painful realities of injustice and oppression and begin the hard work of repairing its painful legacy of racism.

We applaud the many members of our community who have used their time, energy, and resources to peacefully demonstrate, thereby exercising their constitutional rights. We strongly condemn any protests where violence, theft, burglary, or assault is used, and urge our community to remain vigilant of those who are using the movement of peaceful protest to carry out their criminal agenda.

Finally, we, as an association, stand ready to answer questions that you may have concerning community-wide efforts to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the African American community and within the Houston community at large.

We thank and appreciate each of you!

The Executive Team

Ghana Association of Houston