About Us

The Ghana Association of Houston is a converged forum for Ghanaians within the Houston metropolitan area of Texas, serving as the umbrella organization of all Ghanaians living in and around Houston. It also serves friends of Houstonians that aspire to the ideals of the association. It serves as the sole mouth piece of Ghanaians in the Greater Houston area.

The leadership of the organization consists of the leadership of all Ghanaian factions of ethnicity and subdivisions in Houston. It acts as the sole representation of Ghanaians. Notable amongst subgroups are GaDangme Kpee Association, Ewe Association, Okuapeman Association, Asante Kroye Kuo of Houston, and Brong Ahafo Association, and many other smaller groupings.

We built our strength in standing together as Ghanaians to be of service and support to our brethren.